The one-stop platform for data-driven drug discovery

Polly is a cloud platform geared towards enabling multi-disciplinary R&D teams derive maximum value from biomedical molecular data.

Polly unlocks the potential of biomedical data in 4 key steps.

  • Our Data Connectors bring data to Polly from controlled repositories, publications or your own proprietary data at scale.
  • With our ML-driven Curation Infrastructure, data enrichment occurs in an automated manner.
  • End-to-end data pre-processing (identifier mapping, alignment, normalization, quality check) is orchestrated on our Analysis Pipeline.
  • The depth of data curation enables both intuitive point-and-click filtering as well as advanced querying through code, across our entire data catalog of OmixAtlases. 
  • Polly Libraries lets you perform complex querying across different types of datasets, samples, and specific features.
  • Our curation pipeline provides rich and harmonized metadata annotations with scientific context and high accuracy, streamlining your search for data.
Enrich & Analyze
  • Analyze ML-ready data by hosting applications and running Notebooks on Polly’s robust computational infrastructure.
  • Polly Libraries offer a high degree of flexibility in slicing and dicing data using code, enabling integrative data analysis.
  • Access and integrate data from Polly through Libraries on your own computational infrastructure.
  • In-built apps and customizable visualization dashboards enable easy data interpretation.
  • Generate one-click custom reports for your data, code, analyses and results that you can seamlessly share with your team.
  • Workspaces on Polly lets you organize and manage your data in a secure environment. 

A Powerful Feature Set to Drive Innovation

Built for Bioinformaticians

Data enriched with scientific annotations

Find data most relevant to your research using rich metadata annotations with scientific context attached to Polly’s curated datasets.

Standardized & Harmonized Data

Polly pre-processes & normalizes raw data from different sources into a standard and consistent format, allowing you to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

Powerful Querying Capabilities

Polly offers multiple ways to query and filter omics datasets. Access, filter, and search through omics metadata on the study, sample, and cell level using Polly’s GUI or through code via DiscoverPy. 

Comprehensive repository of curated data

OmixAtlases on Polly are the largest curated repositories of disease tissue-derived data hosted in one place. Updated frequently in sync with source repositories, OmixAtlas delivers the latest datasets relevant to your research.

Libraries for data integration

Access Polly’s functionalities and integrate data on Polly with pre-built pipelines on external computational platforms like DataBricks and Sagemaker using Polly Python Libraries.

Access data programmatically

Navigate and explore curated molecular data using Polly’s programmatic interface, Polly CLI. Access curated data from anywhere on Polly using commands from your Bash shell.

Version Control

Polly gives you full control over your analysis, automatically storing all the versions of your workflows as you go. Rollback and redo computations at any step using Shiny Apps supported on Polly.

Host all your apps on
one platform

Store all your applications- Shiny, web, and desktop apps on a single platform. Run your applications locally and scale up the applications easily for multiple users as per need.

Scale & customize compute resources

With Polly Notebooks, perform data analysis using a Jupyter-like interface on Polly’s cloud. Scale up your resources and select compute capacity and workflow environments according to your computational needs.

The Polly experience bioinformaticians love, with the enterprise

 features R&D teams need


Access and consume data and services on Polly through a logically isolated virtual network that you define. This ensures secure and easy access to resources and applications. 

Security &

Polly ensures enterprise grade data security by preventing unauthorized access to our cloud, encryption of data (storage & in-transit), periodic security audits & patches.

Fine-Grained Access control

Seamlessly integrated permissions set to give laboratory managers control and ensure users have the access they need.

Proprietary Data
on Polly

Import, sync and manage proprietary data on Polly’s infrastructure with private and secure Polly Notebooks that store your data and workflow, whilst also allowing you to share it with your lab members.


Highly responsive Customer Success team, plus expert help with scaling, research design, customized solutions, and more.


Manage your teams, workflows, and cloud storage requirements from a single dashboard across applications in different stages of drug development.

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