The one-stop platform for data-driven drug discovery

Polly is a cloud platform geared towards enabling multi-disciplinary R&D teams derive maximum value from biomedical molecular data.

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Do more with biomedical molecular data

Scientists, bioinformaticians, developers and data analysts solve biological and medical research problems together by using Polly and harnessing the power of Biomedical Data Science.

Polly unlocks the potential of biomedical data in 4 key steps.

  • Our Data Connectors bring data to Polly from controlled repositories, publications or your own proprietary data at scale.
  • With our ML-driven Curation Infrastructure, data enrichment occurs in an automated manner.
  • End-to-end data pre-processing (identifier mapping, alignment, normalization, quality check) is orchestrated on our Analysis Pipeline.
  • The depth of data curation enables both intuitive point-and-click filtering as well as advanced querying through code, across our entire data catalog of OmixAtlases. 
  • Polly Libraries lets you perform complex querying across different types of datasets, samples, and specific features.
  • Our curation pipeline provides rich and harmonized metadata annotations with scientific context and high accuracy, streamlining your search for data.
Enrich & Analyze
  • Analyze ML-ready data by hosting applications and running Notebooks on Polly’s robust computational infrastructure.
  • Polly Libraries offer a high degree of flexibility in slicing and dicing data using code, enabling integrative data analysis.
  • Access and integrate data from Polly through Libraries on your own computational infrastructure.
  • In-built apps and customizable visualization dashboards enable easy data interpretation.
  • Generate one-click custom reports for your data, code, analyses and results that you can seamlessly share with your team.
  • Workspaces on Polly lets you organize and manage your data in a secure environment. 

The Polly experience bioinformaticians love, with the enterprise features pharma R&D teams need


We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of platform security and data privacy. Polly’s infrastructure enables secure data storage, data transfer and file access.


Polly Libraries facilitate in-depth data exploration and integrative analysis across our data catalog on our cloud platform or your infrastructure.


Bring Polly to where you work by accessing and integrating data to your analytical pipelines on platforms like AWS Sagemaker and Databricks.

Keen to know how we help data-driven drug discovery teams get to faster actionable insights?