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Harness the power of ML-ready data
for insight discovery

Our cloud-based platform Polly, delivers richly curated biomedical molecular data  prepared for machine learning applications

Curating ML-ready data at scale
Enabling integrative data analysis across 30+ data types

Providing access to analysis-ready data from multiple sources in one place

Our curation infrastructure processes public as well as proprietary data through a standard pipeline, producing analysis-ready data suitable for machine learning applications.

How does Polly make data ML-ready?

Metadata breadth and depth

A plethora of rich metadata annotations with scientific context enable you to find the data most relevant to your research.

Metadata accuracy

Our ML-based curation infrastructure maps metadata with accuracy matching that of human experts.

Data processing

Raw data is normalized into a standard and consistent format, allowing you to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

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Data on Polly is organized as OmixAtlases
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Rich metadata annotations help you find relevant datasets within seconds on OmixAtlas
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Perform advanced querying through code across 300,000+ datasets on Polly or on your computational platform
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Workspaces on Polly helps you reduce clutter and organize all your data for easy access and seamless sharing

Leverage code-first approaches to extract deeper insights from data

Perform advanced querying on data through code

  • Polly Libraries facilitates powerful querying capabilities through code, allowing in-depth data exploration.

Take Polly where you work

  • Access data on your preferred computational infrastructure through Libraries.
  • Integrate data on Polly with analytical platforms including AWS Sagemaker and Databricks.

How it works

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