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Biomedical data continues to grow in variety, volume and complexity but remains underutilized. Polly, our AI-enabled platform allows utilization of this data to discover therapeutic assets. Our work furthers the understanding of health and disease and identifies disease signatures and potential drug targets. On Polly, you can host workflows for omics and phenotypic data analysis and derive insights from diverse publicly available datasets. These workflows are currently being used by scientists at organizations like Pfizer, Cygnal Therapeutics, the NIH, and Yale to cut down the time required for end-to-end analysis from weeks to minutes.

Our Framework


Access and Mine large volumes and variety of biomedical data on the cloud


Analyse and Integrate data using a fully managed suite of customizable, scalable pipelines


Translate analysis to generate actionable insights and discover therapeutic assets


Share and manage your data and analyses across stakeholders

Our Offerings

Polly Discover

Polly Pipelines

Suite of customizable pipelines for Analytical Chemists & Biologists to analyze and process variety of biomedical data

Polly Discover

Polly Compute

Robust, Scalable, and Secure computational infrastructure for Bioinformaticians to build, manage and operate custom pipelines

Polly Discover

Polly Discover

AI-enabled technology for integration of biomedical data to enable Biologists to discover therapeutic assets

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“Polly workflow is really straightforward and easy to use. The workflow has allowed me to cut the data analysis from days to hours and produced comparable data output (to workflows I currently use) that is actually easier to manipulate and plot. Polly reduces the time and hassle and significantly increase throughput.”

Pawel Lorkiewicz

Pawel Lorkiewicz,
Assistant Professor,
University of Louisville

“I am extremely impressed by the Polly platform and the power it has to digest, integrate and analyze large data sets. The unique partnership that we have allows us to work hand-in-hand with software engineers & scientists to rapidly develop novel hypotheses that we can test in the lab.”


Dr. Kate Yen,
Founder & CEO,
Auron Therapeutics

“Data analysis is the biggest bottleneck for metabolics research. Elucidata has worked directly with us to streamline our analysis pipeline, accelerating the pace of our research"


Dr. Russell Jones,
Professor, McGill University
Lead Investigator, Van Andel Research Institute

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