What We Do

Elucidata's mission is to transform decision-making processes using data analytics in R&D labs in biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We build algorithms and softwares that enable processing, analyzing and visualizing large -omics data like metabolomics, genomics, transcriptomics, and proteomics among others. We build our own products, provide customized solutions for our partners and analyze datasets to answer specific questions.

Metabolomic Platform

Metabolomic data processing and analysis is a major bottleneck to study cellular metabolism. Our cloud-based platform eliminates computational bottlenecks to extract metabolomic insights from omics data. The end-to-end platform would process, analyze and visualize metabolomic data and provide a high resolution, quantitative and holistic measure of the flow of metabolites through biochemical pathways to accelerate the process of discovery to delivery of therapies to patients.

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elucidata maven


El-MAVEN is an LC-MS data processing engine for large-scale metabolomic experiments. It allows completely automated processing of raw LC-MS data from isotopomer labeling and ...

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maven NA-Correction

PollyTM IsoCorrect

This tool performs natural abundance (NA) correction for LC-MS data from a labeling experiment. The web-interface allows working with metabolite intensities taken from softwares such as Multiquant, ...

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elucidata quant

PollyTM QuantFit

PollyTM QuantFit is used for quantifying metabolomic data using standard samples. It allows the user to fit a range of functions like linear, polynomial or exponential with different ...

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elucidata pvd

Pathway Visualization Dashboard (PVD)

PVD allows intuitive visualization of metabolomic and transcriptional data on pathways of interest. The interface is pathway centric with other ...

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Case Studies

We enable our partners to use information efficiently. By reducing the time experts spend on crunching numbers, our products and services give them more time to engage with the data in a meaningful way. We scale-up computationally intensive problems, speed-up routine workflows, design database solutions to save valuable data, develop analytical models to test hypotheses, and analyze datasets to answer biological questions.

elucidata Scaling-up-Computationally-Intensive-Problems

Scaling-up Computationally Intensive Problems

Sequencing data are driving key decisions in labs and clinics. By 2025, between 100 million and 2 billion human genomes could be sequenced, generating 2–40 exabytes of data, which exceeds the projected ...

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elucidata Streamlining-Data-Processing-&-Analysis-Workflows

Streamlining Data Processing & Analysis Workflows

Our aim is to let scientists engage with data in an efficient and meaningful way by automating routine tasks and analysis. We use our expertise in software development and databases to provide customized ...

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elucidata Facilitating-Comparisons-Across-Experiments-by-Aggregating-Data

Facilitating Comparisons Across Experiments by Aggregating Data

Results from different experiments often do not exist in one place, which makes it difficult for scientists looking to learn from other experiments. We have worked with multiple clients on specific ...

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elucidata Actionable-Insights-from-Public-Datasets

Actionable Insights from Public Datasets

There is a trove of publicly available datasets like TCGA, COSMIC, GEO etc. that can be leveraged for R&D efforts for early target validation. Computational challenges aside, we believe the value of such ...

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