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Streamlining Data Processing & Analysis Workflows

Background and Challenges

Our aim is to let scientists engage with data in an efficient and meaningful way by automating routine tasks and analysis. We use our expertise in software development and databases to provide customized solutions according to the specific needs of each lab.


Company E is engaged in drug discovery and their scientists routinely perform gene-knockout experiments using the CRISPR. The results from the experiments are stored in separate .csv files and require a series of statistical and mathematical analysis, as well as transfer of data to a database before it can be visualized and interpreted in a meaningful way.
Current workflow of the data analysis and transfer for these experiments is highly fragmented and inefficient (multiple scripts; different owners of different parts of the workflow, etc.) The entire process can often lead to week-long delays.
Elucidata developed an automation tool for Company E that is connected to a database and a commercial visualization software. The scientist just uploads the raw data from the CRO in a specified format and the tool performs the required computations on the dataset. The tool further converts the data into a format expected by the database and inserts the data as well, which can then directly be visualized on a visualization platform. Our tool also allows scientists to customize the analysis by specifying custom input parameters. Additionally, we updated the database structure to make it more robust and efficient.
The automation tool has removed all manual components in the data analysis workflow and reduced the overall process to three mouse clicks. It has reduced the total time for analysis from weeks to minutes.


Data Scientist, Backend Developer, Frontend Developer, Database Expert, Tech Lead, Domain Expert, Project Manager


Hosted web application. User Guide. Demo. Installation. Product Maintenance.

Time Taken

4 months


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