GSoC with Elucidata

Google Summer of Code

About GSoC

Google Summer of Code or GSoC is a once a year opportunity for students excited about open source software development. The 3 month paid internship entails the student to a project with an open source organisation. During the GSoC project students are allocated a mentor from the organisation they are chosen in, to guide them through the project, all the while gaining real-world software development experience, tools and techniques.

About Elucidata

We build powerful and intuitive tools that have sped up the drug-discovery process by almost 100% and our reward lies in the lives saved because of this acceleration. We have two major products:


A suite of tools to process and store metabolomic data on the cloud, Polly, helps in downstream processing data from El-MAVEN for further analysis, advanced visualisations, collaboration and much more. Watch the video to learn more about Polly™. Read more about Polly™


Our open source project, El-MAVEN helps to serve the bio-pharma community in the R&D of a drug. This tool processes large sized metabolomic data, obtained from a mass spectrometer to help visualise data corresponding to different metabolites/compounds. Read more about El-MAVEN.