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Enterprise solutions for data-driven drug discovery

An end-to-end data platform for multi-disciplinary R&D
teams in the pharmaceutical industry

Eliminate data silos by managing all your data under one roof

Biomedical molecular data generated across multiple R&D teams in an organization needs to be organized and managed in a manner that promotes collaboration, easy data findability and searchability. Our OmixAtlas for Enterprise solves this issue by curating your data from across silos in a ready-to-analyze form hosted in a single place.

Derive maximum value from your data assets

We facilitate data-driven research teams to make the best use of their available assets by offering our expertise on data processing, management, curation and  computing/cloud infrastructure.

Scale up your research with us

Complement the expertise of your team with our Customer Success team to fast track your research. Our expert team works with you to deliver customized solutions based on your requirements.

Learn how ML-ready biomedical molecular data can accelerate your research.