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Powering data-driven translational research

Polly equips biologists with the biomedical molecular data they need to accelerate scientific discovery

All the data you need at your fingertips

Discover biomedical molecular data relevant to your research interests within seconds, using our powerful and intuitive multi-level filtering interface. Develop robust, high-confidence hypotheses and test your pre-conceived hypotheses with the data-centric approach to research facilitated by Polly.

Streamlining integrative analysis

Polly hosts 350,000+ datasets spanning various types of biomedical molecular data. Our extensive data catalog of ML-ready data lets you integrate diverse data types seamlessly in order to capture the complexity of biological systems. 

Discover insights faster with our team of experts

Data-driven research requires a significant amount of data wrangling and technical expertise. Our Customer Success team can supplement your subject matter knowledge with bioinformatics and engineering expertise, and work with you to deliver customized solutions to shorten your journey from hypothesis generation to insight discovery.

Learn how ML-ready biomedical molecular data can accelerate your research.