El maven

An open-source high throughput metabolomics tool

About El-MAVEN

El-MAVEN is an open source mass spectrometry data processing engine that is optimal for isotopomer labeling and global metabolomic profiling experiments. It’s designed to reduce complexity in metabolomics analysis by using an intuitive interface for exploring the experimental data. The tool aims to make research faster and easier than ever before.

The gold standard in metabolomic data processing engines

El-MAVEN is featured in the latest publication of the Methods in Molecular Biology series. Check out the article by Agrawal et al. on El-MAVEN, the gold-standard in metabolomic data processing engines. With El-MAVEN, you can now perform robust data analysis on your high quality metabolomic data. El-MAVEN’s user-friendly interface makes metabolomic data analysis a breeze.


The birth of El-MAVEN can be traced back to another open source project, MAVEN, an open source LC-MS data processing engine developed by the Rabinowitz Lab at Princeton. We decided to use El-MAVEN as the working title for the project for few reasons. One, we wanted to acknowledge the original project. Secondly, El bears the stamp of Elucidata.


The inception and initial development of El-MAVEN would not have been possible without the unwavering support, constant feedback and financial support from Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc. Now, El-MAVEN is solely supported by Elucidata and is constantly developing and adding new features based on the feedback of its loyal community.


We promise to build features that benefit the larger El-MAVEN community. Request a feature you’d like to see in El-MAVEN.


Hit a wall? Create a Github issue for any bugs that you face, and we will respond to and resolve it as soon as possible.


View the El-MAVEN repository on GitHub. Read source code, request features, report bugs and more.

A series of tutorial videos for El-MAVEN that show you the basics to kick start your analyses.

Read about the inner workings and capabilities of El-MAVEN in its documentation.

Meet the original creator of MAVEN – Eugene Melamud. Watch our El-MAVEN webinar.

Elucidata aims to improve the odds of translating phenotypic screenings to therapeutic strategies by accelerating the process of drug discovery. Metabolomic analysis is a major part of all drug discovery journeys.  Our platform EL-MAVEN is built to integrate end-to-end workflows for these analyses.


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