Customer Success

Realize the full potential of biomedical molecular data with our Customer Success team

Build, scale and get to quicker actionable insights with our dedicated Customer Success team of expert scientists and engineers

Enabling organizations to move towards a data-centric discovery paradigm

We have partnered with R&D teams at leading pharmaceutical companies by extending technical expertise, resources and bandwidth. Our Customer Success team has delivered customized solutions that have fast tracked our partners’ journey from data generation to insight discovery.

Accelerate your research projects to success with our services

On Demand
  • Expert on-demand curation
  • Large scale enterprise curation projects
  • Data processing using custom analytical pipelines of your choice
  • Data preparation for machine learning applications
Professional Bioinformatics Services
  • Customized bioinformatics solutions to complement your R&D efforts
  • Bioinformatics expertise for data mining, hypothesis testing and ad-hoc data-oriented projects
  • Scalable analytical tools and pipeline development 
  • Workflows to support biologists and data scientists
Engineering Services
  • Custom workflows and dashboard deployment
  • Expert consultancy in driving strategic software architecture decisions
  • Expertise for scaling data processing infrastructure 
  • Customization and on-premise development of Polly

Work with our team of experts

With the rise of big data in biomedical research, the R&D ecosystem has evolved to include multiple stakeholders. Our multidisciplinary team of experts; constituting Biologists, Bioinformaticians & Software Engineers; caters effectively to these modern day R&D teams. We offer:

  • Customized solutions to meet your data curation, analysis, and workflow needs
  • Regular check-ins, on-call and in-product support
  • Dedicated project management for a hassle-free experience

Keen to know how we help data-driven drug discovery teams get to faster actionable insights?