Bioinformaticians across industry and academia increasingly have to ask questions on large datasets. Most re-usable computing services, whether software or cloud infrastructure, are built for standardized pipelines. Conducting exploratory analysis often involves doing too many things and doing them using too many tools. We are trying to help simplify the process that gets you from data to insights

elucidata before polly
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elucidata convinient coding environment

Code conveniently with Polly

  • Access Interactive coding environments like Jupyter and Rstudio at one place
  • Pollyglot : Use multiple kernels in one notebook. Use multiple languages in one notebook like R, Python, Bash, Perl
  • Save and pull code from code repositories (like github and bitbucket) on to Polly with a few clicks
  • Polly autosaves the notebook, temp files & parameters every 2 minutes which can be restored
Manage coding environments elucidata

Manage coding environments with the convenience of Polly

  • Persistence of Environments: Computational environments created are accessible by anyone in the workspace with all the dependencies already installed
  • All the dependencies, environments and backups are stored in scalable EFS which can be used across instances
  • Dockers can be built and managed on Polly directly. These dockers scale automatically based on the usage reducing cost
  • Lightweight docker images in Polly ensure faster loading of notebooks
elucidata computing resources

Get flexibility to choose your computing resources

  • Choose a computational instance from a wide variety (processors, RAM, GPU, hard disk size) of instances based on your use case
  • Work with fully managed infrastructure and autoscaling of instances based on usage. Pay for what you use and reduce cost for large scale computations by upto 80%
Data Code Environment together single platform

Data, Code and Environment together on one single platform

  • Conduct reproducible research by managing code, data and analysis together in a workspace
  • Seamlessly share your projects and workspaces with your colleagues and other stakeholders
  • Work without the hassle of managing multiple workspaces



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