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elucidata Actionable-Insights-from-Public-Datasets

Actionable Insights from Public Datasets

Background and Challenges

There is a trove of publicly available datasets like TCGA, COSMIC, GEO etc. that can be leveraged for R&D efforts for early target validation. Computational challenges aside, we believe the value of such an exercise for our clients is in the interpretation of the results of computational algorithms in the specific context of the questions of interest. We provide our expertise to our clients to analyze such datasets using published algorithms to answer specific questions that would drive their research efforts. Our final deliveries are oriented towards specific recommendations of subsequent analysis as well as experiments that can further test the hypothesis.


Company I is interested in finding pathways enriched for a specific disease D in their very early stage R&D efforts.
Disease D is a chronic condition that results in inflammation. The cause of the D is unknown. Several hypotheses involve immune system dysfunction, genetics and environmental factors. Elucidata is analysing transcriptional and microarray GEO datasets to understand the genetics of Disease D. Elucidata has also curated additional GEO datasets that were pivotal to substantiate findings from the previous analysis.
Our analysis and a list of recommended experiments were key in laying the foundation for further research within Company I to drive their early target validation efforts.


Data Scientist, Scientist, Project Manager


Trello Board. HTML report.

Time Taken

2 months


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