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Elucidata Facilitating-Comparisons-Across-Experiments-by-Aggregating-Data-Elucidata

Facilitating Comparisons Across Experiments by Aggregating Data

Background and Challenges

Results from different experiments often do not exist in one place, which makes it difficult for scientists looking to learn from other experiments. We have worked with multiple clients on specific manifestations of this challenging problem.


Company I is interested in knowing if a peptide appeared in other screening experiments for different targets. This is valuable information before time and resources are spent in synthesis and further characterization of that peptide.
Currently Company I uses its internal Phage Display platform to run screening experiments to find peptides that bind to a target of interest. Each screening experiment generates a lot of data which is currently stored in flat files. Additionally, these files are susceptible to data loss due to disk failure, and are not amenable to search across different experiments.
Elucidata addressed the unmet need for Company I by creating a database for the results of all screening experiments. This database is a central repository that stores the experimental data and the metadata for each experiment performed by all scientists. Our delivery also included a python api that supports different queries on the underlying database.
This tool will help the team eliminate peptides (identical and/or similar) that have shown to bind to multiple targets from downstream process of synthesis and further characterization. Such information will translate into saving time and money for Company I.


Database Expert, Tech Lead, Domain Expert, Project Manager


A python package. User Guide. Demo. Installation. Product Maintenance.

Time Taken

3 months


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